• "The CV surgery tells you what you need to know, it`s not about reassuring you that what you have is right, or a quick read over with a line or two of advice, it`s the only way you get every single part of your CV clinically assessed. This stopped me doubting and wasting time. I got the CV I needed and it`s paid off." [K.K – Advertising]
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  • "Apart from delivering a top quality C.V covering each section in great detail, they are definitely in tune with the requirements of the finance industry. They take time to highlight your competencies in such a way that they make your CV STAND OUT." [I.D – Financial Services]
  • "A big thank you, as my professionally edited CV led to a high level of interest and opened up new career opportunities for me. The impressive advice and direction given no doubt landed me a dream role in one of the largest electronics companies in the world." [M.A – Marketing ]
  • "I highly recommend London CV Clinic. They provided me with an excellent consultation and redrafting service. I am really pleased with the results." [E.O – Financial Services]
  • "Thanks so much for the CV and Covering Letter, they are immensely better than anything I could've done myself. I got a great PR job and it was my first interview so I'm really chuffed!" [J.K - Consumer Public Relations]
A selection of companies with successful outcomes with the London CV Clinic