What guarantees can you give me?
Based on customer satisfaction feedback to date we can guarantee that you will be extremely happy with the quality of the service you receive. Many of our clients frequently say that they couldn’t have done it themselves and it was a real help to have professional eyes looking at it. The other guarantee is that by doing nothing you will continue to get the same results. Applying for a job means that you should apply when you have the most strength and ammunition at your disposal. You only get one shot so don’t apply with an application that is only 75% perfect. Because your competitors won’t!

I feel weird about paying for a service that I’ve always done myself.
This is really a question of whether you look at the Cost vs the Value. The cost of our services is negligible compared to the value it will provide you in the long term. We genuinely do not recommend our services to anyone where we cannot provide meaningful improvement. We’ve seen CVs that are extremely good but poor covering letters so we’ve only recommended the covering letter and vice versa. In terms of the knowledge pool that will be at your disposal – we’re proven, astute and verifiably successful people with strong linguistic acumen. Moreover, this service was born out of a genuine desire to help people since it was something we were doing for many years free of charge anyway. The more success we had, the more confidence we had to formalise it as a service. The majority of our clients have come from word of mouth and we feel that satisfied customers willing to recommend us speaks volumes.

How many drafts will you produce?
You will receive as many drafts as you want. We pride ourselves in providing a transparent and collaborative service that will exceed your expectations.

How long does it take to complete?
You can expect to receive a response to your FREE Evaluation Assessment within 48 hours. Once we’ve agreed the approach towards your CV and Covering Letter you can expect a first draft within 3-5 days maximum.